Installation manual

Dolphin templates

How to install Dolphin template


1. Copy the 'tmpl_skin004' folder into the template folder.


2. Login to Admin Panel

- Select Admin -> Settings -> Advanced Settings-> Template

- Select the template name ( eg: skin004 ) from the dropdown box.

- Check the checkbox 'Enable Users to Change Templates'.(if not selected )

- Uncheck the following checkboxes,

- Enable cache for HTML files

- Enable cache for images

- Enable cache for CSS files

- Enable cache for JS files

- Click ‘Save’ button.

- Select Admin -> Builders -> Page Blocks

* Select the Page name ( Home Page )

* Set width as 66% for column1 and 34% for column2.

3.To change the logo

- Select Admin ->Basic settings

- Click the browse button to select the logo.

- Click 'upload button' button.

- If you want the logo of default size, uncheck the resize checkbox.

4. To fix the Banner,

- Select Admin -> Settings -> Basic Settings-> Promo Block.

- Select 'Use custom HTML block' option button.

- Select 'Edit HTML source tool', a HTML editor window opens.

- Copy and Paste banner.html file.

- Click Update and save.

- If you want to change the banner images ,replace the images in image folder (/skin004/images) and change the image name on the banner.html file.

Now the new Theme will be Upadated, Refresh the Home page.

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